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Life Is Good Again!! CHILIS!!!

Last week I ran through my least favorite store.  You know the one, the store with the big smiley face, Walmart.    And wonder of wonders, they had New Mexican green chilis for $.25 a pound!!    I had to stop and do a double take.

  They really were.  Mountains of them!  Okay, a mountain of them.  And OH THE HEAVENLY SCENT!!!  You have no idea how I have missed those chilis since moving to Texas.  You can get chilis in the markets, but they just don’t compare to the real deal – New Mexican green chilis.  Needless to say, I bought  about 20 pounds of these little gems and roasted them in my oven.  Yeah, it took a while.  But the aroma eminating from my oven took me back to New Mexico and the chili roasters roasting chilis in the open air.   I cried, danced and ate a couple just roasted.   Good thing they don’t make a roasting chili perfume, I’d be wearing it for sure.

Not quite the same experience of stopping in a parking lot and talking chilis, choosing your chilis and watching them roast them in those huge propane roasters then driving home two hours with the windows rolled up in order to inhale each and every roasted chili aroma molecule, but it’ll do for now.  Perhaps again someday.

Guess you figured out I kinda like chilis.