WHATCHAGOT SOUP aka Clean Out The Refridgerator Soup

Lunchtime comes once a day, 7 days a week. And with 2 bottomless pits ( teenagers) I am hardpressed to round up a nourishing, hearty, economical lunch for them, but today I managed and got rave reviews from the teenage Siamese Twins.

I had quite a few leftovers from the weekend in the fridge that needed used. So came the Whatchagot Soup, as the blonde Siamese Twin dubbed it.  Personally I think they have read one too many Patrick McManus books.


Potatoes Au Gratin leftovers from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions
Chicken Stock ( homemade)
Cream – raw
Roasted Veggies
Chicken – handfull (picked from bones used for stock)
Pinto Beans, cooked 2 ladles full
Jalapeno leftover from the garden
Purple onion – 1/4
Ceddar Cheese – raw handful


I put the leftover Potatoes Au Gratin, which were very yummy, into my 5 quart pot. Warmed them up and creamed them with my blending stick

Added a little more chicken broth to balance out all the cream. Next came the leftover roasted veggies. Oh, those were so good. Roasted zuchini, roma tomatoes, asparagus and of course garlic. Then added chopped onion, the jalapeno, chicken and beans.

Warmed it all up then stirred in a big handful of raw cheddar cheese. Oh, this was to die for. It is a good thing Dad was not home or there would have been a major spoon war to get the last drops.  It tasted so, so, so much better than it appears in the photo.


One response to “WHATCHAGOT SOUP aka Clean Out The Refridgerator Soup

  1. I am still longing to try this one- it sounds delicious!

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