Life Is Good Again!! CHILIS!!!

Last week I ran through my least favorite store.  You know the one, the store with the big smiley face, Walmart.    And wonder of wonders, they had New Mexican green chilis for $.25 a pound!!    I had to stop and do a double take.

  They really were.  Mountains of them!  Okay, a mountain of them.  And OH THE HEAVENLY SCENT!!!  You have no idea how I have missed those chilis since moving to Texas.  You can get chilis in the markets, but they just don’t compare to the real deal – New Mexican green chilis.  Needless to say, I bought  about 20 pounds of these little gems and roasted them in my oven.  Yeah, it took a while.  But the aroma eminating from my oven took me back to New Mexico and the chili roasters roasting chilis in the open air.   I cried, danced and ate a couple just roasted.   Good thing they don’t make a roasting chili perfume, I’d be wearing it for sure.

Not quite the same experience of stopping in a parking lot and talking chilis, choosing your chilis and watching them roast them in those huge propane roasters then driving home two hours with the windows rolled up in order to inhale each and every roasted chili aroma molecule, but it’ll do for now.  Perhaps again someday.

Guess you figured out I kinda like chilis.


WHATCHAGOT SOUP aka Clean Out The Refridgerator Soup

Lunchtime comes once a day, 7 days a week. And with 2 bottomless pits ( teenagers) I am hardpressed to round up a nourishing, hearty, economical lunch for them, but today I managed and got rave reviews from the teenage Siamese Twins.

I had quite a few leftovers from the weekend in the fridge that needed used. So came the Whatchagot Soup, as the blonde Siamese Twin dubbed it.  Personally I think they have read one too many Patrick McManus books.


Potatoes Au Gratin leftovers from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions
Chicken Stock ( homemade)
Cream – raw
Roasted Veggies
Chicken – handfull (picked from bones used for stock)
Pinto Beans, cooked 2 ladles full
Jalapeno leftover from the garden
Purple onion – 1/4
Ceddar Cheese – raw handful


I put the leftover Potatoes Au Gratin, which were very yummy, into my 5 quart pot. Warmed them up and creamed them with my blending stick

Added a little more chicken broth to balance out all the cream. Next came the leftover roasted veggies. Oh, those were so good. Roasted zuchini, roma tomatoes, asparagus and of course garlic. Then added chopped onion, the jalapeno, chicken and beans.

Warmed it all up then stirred in a big handful of raw cheddar cheese. Oh, this was to die for. It is a good thing Dad was not home or there would have been a major spoon war to get the last drops.  It tasted so, so, so much better than it appears in the photo.

Maiden Voyage of the SS Bellyflop

Our little community had their countywide yard sale weekend this past weekend.  The kidlets scored BIG. They found a Coleman 4 person rubber raft ( not sure I want to see 4 persons in that raft)  and oars for a whole $20.00. Of course, being the cooperative angels that they are, they each coughed up $10.00 of their hard earned lawn mowing money.  They were now the very proud owners of the SS Bellyflop.  Let us hope it fares better than the SS Minnow.

Sunday was the BIG day and guess what? We found the air pump but no end thingys to fill the beast with air. We even stopped by our local Wally-World after church, but they only sold the complete air pump and attachments. What’s a kid to do? Caleb went out to the shop and used his noggin. He rigged up the air compressor and nozzle to fit. Naturally I didn’t get a pic of it. But it worked and made happy kidlets.

Here are a few pics of them on the pond. They even talked their parental units to take a spin. I am in trouble though, I fell in love with this little pond.

Hello world!

Welcome to my world!!!

I am not a wordy person by nature, and so am stepping outside the comfort zone of my little box, so all I can say is please bear with me and look out world.